Entry: Ripped up, illshapped & raggity Thursday, July 21, 2005

Nothing is perfect. 

Sometimes people forget that. 
They want to control situations, people and things, because in their eyes, only they can make sure things go the way they think is best. 

These little graphic dolls are a testiment to the imperfection in all of us.  

Ripped up, illshapped & raggity. 
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Been very busy lately.  Thankyou all for understanding and still stopping by.  Your constant warm wishes and kindness are wonderful.  Thankyou for the emails.  Mr. Flibble says 'hi'.


June 20, 2014   04:20 PM PDT
It's been forever since we've had a community here. What have you been up to, Push?
July 31, 2005   07:06 AM PDT
Hello to you and Mr Fibble, good to know you are doing fine!
July 22, 2005   09:22 AM PDT
i think they are cute.
July 22, 2005   08:48 AM PDT
Aww, adorable.


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