Entry: Easter is almost here Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Easter! Chocolate! Bright colors!

Favorite Eastertime childhood memories:

>>Having to sing 'Easter Parade' to death in second grade a week before Easter
>>"Can we color easter eggs now?" asked of mom two weeks before Easter and right up until she said 'yes'.
>>"Are they ready yet?" said a million times to mom in referrence to the eggs being cool enough to color

>>Giant chocolate covered coconut easter egg with rock-hard colorful sugar flower on top.
>>Birthday was very close to Easter when I was around six or so

Recent Eastertime meories:
>>Having my daughter ask "Can we color easter eggs now?" up to three weeks before Easter
>>Having my daughter ask "Are they ready yet?"
>>Having my daughter cringe in disgust as she took her first bite of her first [and last] giant chocolate covered coconut easter egg and said, "The Easterbunny must not like me very much."

Here are some eastertime goodies to decorate your blog with.
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[dark & white chocolate bunnies, peeps! we hate to eat peeps but they're nice to look at, and jelly beans in a jar]


[We were disappointed in our 7 pitch font reduced to illegible garbage. Here's the original size just to show the detail a bit more]

[Our Basket is filled with chocolate bunny, plastic eggs, and jar of jellybeans]

[seamless chocolate bunny tile for background images--have fun with it]

[our version of a playboy Easter Bunny rabbit- **ears fixed!]

We hope everyone has a great week!

Your friends,
Push & Mr. Flibble


March 26, 2005   06:46 AM PST
great work as usual :-) I'll borrow some of them thanks...HAPPY EASTER!
March 24, 2005   07:42 AM PST
*muching my chocolate egg* Hmm?

*munch munch*
March 23, 2005   11:41 AM PST

and making me hungry
March 23, 2005   12:18 AM PST
Thanks Niqua. I figured out what it was. I use Avant Browser, who recently published an update. The default text size for their browswer for some bizarre reason was set to large. Thanks for the quick response!
March 23, 2005   12:04 AM PST
Hmm... actually, everything appears small on my end, but I believe that's just my computer, because I see small everywhere. Sorry I couldn't be more help! I was going to make peeps for easter too, lol! :) Very cute, as always Push!

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