Entry: New blinkies, new gifts for doners Saturday, September 25, 2004

Someone forgot to turn the Hurricane Machine off.

Important message from Mr. Flibble:   If you want a blinky and you have these "retarded pop-ups" on your site, go some place else.  I'm not going to break my flipper on stupid buttons that say "You must click OK">>"I luv u Chad">>"I'm cool, keep clicking" and keep going and going until I get so fed up I can only hope people like you have your hard-drives explode in a convulsive fit of proportions that make Hiroshima look like a sheet of harmless bubble-wrap. 

Mr. Flibble seems a bit cranky.  I think ifriali's blog  made him snap ^^.  Ifriali, if you still want a blinky, please remove your java-script pop-ups...and any other type of scripts or pop-ups you may have and let me know. 

More blinkies:



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Sneak-Preview for Next Week:  "New Nightmare Before Christmas" Themed Websets;

Bits and Bauble decorations for Autumn


Angel Floral
October 12, 2004   02:49 AM PDT
Hi Push, i also want a blinkie. could yah help me?

thank you :)
Dan Yella
October 6, 2004   03:43 PM PDT
Hey Push!! It's been a while! I agree, those pop ads are really annoying, but only the first pop up was intentionally put there. The ones that say 'You Must Click OK To Gain Acess", most of the time, are viruses that are put on the page because of things the users add such as counters, music, etc. Just becareful when you are clicking on them ;)
October 1, 2004   10:10 PM PDT
love the nightmare before christmas. tee hee
zee rocks
September 30, 2004   01:59 AM PDT
yeah, those stupid javascript popups really suck. i wonder why people even have them..?

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