Entry: Special Gift For Doners Monday, September 20, 2004

As a special thankyou to our  ever-lovin' paypal doners, I'm sharing the special pass-key to the "super-secret pushing pixels place" where Mr. Flibble hides his Very Special Web Sets.

"Alienesque" is our very first set. You'll find everything you need to build your own web page that even ET would be proud of. We give you "suggested" color codes for your text/links/visted links- a neat-O background image [which is an unobtrusive star-field, tho it's hard to tell on the sample image]- two styles of buttons for mail, links, signature book, & blank buttons for creating your own. There are dividerbars, bullets and three different welcome headers to choose from!

This "V.I.P. [very important pixelite] only" area is reserved for those who have helped me & mr. flibble keep our site going by donating via paypal. Once a donation is received [a.k.a. when I check my e-mail], you'll be mailed the key [but don't tell Mr. Flibble!]

Once again, thanks to the generosity of our Very Important Pixelites. We couldn't keep our subscription going without you!



Push & Mr. Flibble


September 21, 2004   06:51 PM PDT
ooolala... key... o.o
September 20, 2004   01:07 PM PDT
Hiya Mellz!

As you know, all my graphics are free. The only acception is my new line of web sets, which I set aside as a sort of special 'thankyou' gift, for those graphic users who are kind enough to toss a lil something in the Pixel paypal fund.

If you donated recently, paypal may not have processed it yet. Email me at perilouswish@msn.com and I'll send you the key. ^^
September 20, 2004   10:01 AM PDT
ack..no keys for me..hehe

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