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Sunday, March 27, 2005
Fairies on Dragon & Unicorn

Hope everyone had a splendid Easter, for those who celebrate it.  =)

Here's a small update with some of the latest fairy-related things Mr. Flibble and I have been working on. 

[no direct-linking, please. See 'terms of use' to your left in the menu section']


We hope everyone has a spelndid week.  See you real soon!

Your friends,
Push & Mr. Flibble

Note from Mr. Flibble: If you make graphics, let us know by dropping a comment!  We'd love to oggle what other pixel pushers are creating.

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Friday, March 25, 2005

Some new poses of our magical little friends.
[For personal use only. Please do not direct-link]

(the little dots under the flying fairie and around the fairie sitting cross-legged on the ground is pixie dust and is intended to be part of the picture)


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Tuesday, March 22, 2005
Easter is almost here

Easter! Chocolate! Bright colors!

Favorite Eastertime childhood memories:

>>Having to sing 'Easter Parade' to death in second grade a week before Easter
>>"Can we color easter eggs now?" asked of mom two weeks before Easter and right up until she said 'yes'.
>>"Are they ready yet?" said a million times to mom in referrence to the eggs being cool enough to color
>>Giant chocolate covered coconut easter egg with rock-hard colorful sugar flower on top.
>>Birthday was very close to Easter when I was around six or so

Recent Eastertime meories:
>>Having my daughter ask "Can we color easter eggs now?" up to three weeks before Easter
>>Having my daughter ask "Are they ready yet?"
>>Having my daughter cringe in disgust as she took her first bite of her first [and last] giant chocolate covered coconut easter egg and said, "The Easterbunny must not like me very much."

Here are some eastertime goodies to decorate your blog with.
[no direct-linking, please. See 'terms of use' to your left in the menu section']


[dark & white chocolate bunnies, peeps! we hate to eat peeps but they're nice to look at, and jelly beans in a jar]


[We were disappointed in our 7 pitch font reduced to illegible garbage. Here's the original size just to show the detail a bit more]

[Our Basket is filled with chocolate bunny, plastic eggs, and jar of jellybeans]

[seamless chocolate bunny tile for background images--have fun with it]

[our version of a playboy Easter Bunny rabbit- **ears fixed!]

We hope everyone has a great week!

Your friends,
Push & Mr. Flibble

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Saturday, March 19, 2005
Lesson: Glass Works

I love the look of glass graphics.  Their luminescent quality and vibrant colors always catch my eye.

With the right filter, or 'plug-in' as they are also known as, you can easily get the look of glass in no time at all.

Some of my favorite plug-ins come from in the way of their wonderful add on called Super Blade Pro

Some of the great things you can do with SuperBladePro is create and fill in outline graphics to your liking.  Making stained glass ala graphic program!  Look ma, no third-degree burns from molten led!  No cuts! 

These graphics are free to use: do not direct-link



Let's make a simple vase graphic.   ----> 

If you want to make your own vase shape, or a different outline all together, simply go to your pen tool in Jasc PSP 8.0, set to 'drawing mode' and with simple checked, I drew some outlined images for you if you for practice if you didn't want to fuss with one of your own.  If you want to save these for yourself, rightclick>save to hard drive.


They look a little choppy right now, and their size looks crazy big,  but we're going to fix that up in a bit when we export them.

With your vase opened up, go to your magic wand tool with it's tolerance set to 100.

Click only the black outline. If all of it is not selected, hold down 'shift' and click any additional black lines you missed.  Copy.    To ensure that our outline is going to be placed on a transparent background [which looks like a grey and white checker board] you'll want to go to:
File>>New>>Raster backgroundwith Transparent checked and 16 Million Colors.

You can close your new image because we're going to paste our outline directly from the clipboard.
Go to >>Edit>>Past>>Paste as new image.

We will be working in layers for this lesson.  When we think of a layer, think of the sheets and blankets of a bed. One layer atop another and you can't see what's beneath, but if you move the top layer a little to the left, you can start to see what's underneath.

If your layer pallet is not open, go to:

You will see one layer already there called 'background'.  This is your image outline. 

Select your magic wand once again with it's tolerance still set at 100.  Thinking of a coloring page, we will now use our magic wand to click inside the areas of your image where you want to place color.  If you wish to add to your selections, hold down the shift key and click additional areas.  You do not need to work on all the areas at once if you do not wish to.

Once all the areas you want to work on are selected, go to your layer pallet and select 'new raster  layer'.  You may choose to name this layer to help you remember what is on that layer. 

With your selection still active, click on your new layer in your layer pallet.  The second layer is where we will place our color, seperate from the black outline, which has it's own individual layer.  This ensures preservation of your image definition, and that all lines will still be visible.  While we're working in layers, you may see the black outline disappear for a time. Don't worry. Remember, we're working on the color, which is the new layer at the top. Once we are done we will be moving that layer beneath the black outlines.

With your selection still active, and your new layer selected go to:
Selection>>Modify>>Expand>> 1 pixel

By expanding one pixel, we're going to ensure that our color fits snuggly in with our black outline.

Now you're ready to start coloring.

Use your color pallet and pick out a nice gradient, or maybe a bold solid color and start filling in those areas with what ever colors you like.  You may even want to try using a filter with a texture, or pattern effect, or even go as far as using a Super Blade Pro plug-in.  If you do use SBP, you'll want to use white as the filler color, otherwise your SBP effect may not be visible or clear.

Once you are done with your image, you want to move the color layer beneath the 'background' layer.  This will place the crisp black lines on top of the color so you'll end up with a nice bold outline.
Click your 'background layer and drag it to the top of your layer list. 

Now merge the two layers together so you can save it as a .gif and put it on your blog or web page.  To do this go to>>Layers>Merge>>Merge Visible.

Save your image as a .gif and voila.   You're done!

If you want to get real fancy, you can export your new graphic as a tube.  A graphic tube is like a rubber stamp of a graphic.  Think of colorforms.  You can get a bunch of tubes of different grahpics and create a collage or a unique picture from many separate elements.  You can change the size of your tubes from large to teeny-tiny.

By saving my graphics and exporting them as tubes, manipulating each element's size, or sometimes used the same tube and flipped it about or rotated it entirely, I was able to create this little vase motif.

Rawr!!   I love dragons.   They're very hard to draw using a mouse, tho. 
Here's my version of a Sea Dragon.


Push's Sea Dragon outline

Hope you all enjoyed the lesson.  If you've found this tutorial helpful, and you were actually able to make something from it, let us know!  We love to see what our fellow pixel pushers can do, from novice to expert. =)

Everyone have a super weekend!

Your friends, 
Push & Mr.  Flibble

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