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Monday, October 18, 2004
Candy Jars

I'm exploring the wonderful world of making opaque glass jars, in pixel form, of course.

Can't have a neat-o jar graphic without something to put in them so I went off in search of some candy psp tubes, but came up empty handed.  

I made my own, in hershey kisses, gummy worms, and gummy bear flavors.  

I filled the jars, slapped a lil lable on em and now you get to save them to your hard drive, up load them to your personal space and put them on your blog, or share them by including them as clip-art in your email to friends.  How cool is that?



Got a suggestion for a filled jar?  Use our [comment] link and let us know.

And of course, blinkies for new friends:



Thanks for your kind words and continued, enthusiastic support!

Posted at 03:42 pm
Comments (4)  

Sunday, October 17, 2004
Fairy snow globe, "bliny addiction" blinkies and personalized blinkies for friends

Small, colorful update here. 
Remember to save to  DO NOT DIRECT LINK

For new friends:  


Some addictions are good:



And my favorite:  New Fairy in a crystal ball  [on transparent background to match any blog]
We're usually really lax with asking people to credit, because 98% of those who use our graphics are really cordial and polite about it and credit without us asking [which I do notice and greatly appreciate, thanks guys!]  If you use the fairy below,  and you usually don't credit, please be kind and do so.  This took me three hours to make. [wheew!]

*edit: made another for's hard to tell but within her globe are skulls, a crow and a moon [upper left].  I know people have limited space on their blogs to display things like this, but I think I'm going to try to make future fairy globes a teensy-bit bigger so you can see the detail. 


More fairy globes to come [and hopefully they won't take nearly so long].

Posted at 05:02 pm
Comments (3)  

Streamlining for effective access

Lately, Mr. Flibble and I have been discussing the design and content of our blog.  We wanted a change cosmeticly, but more important was figuring out how we can make our page load faster for our friends who don't have fancy high-speed connections.

We went through and re-formatted our old style and changed the color scheme just a bit. 
We also got rid of much needless content on our side panel.  While said content may have been fun to play with or look at, it was eatting too much download-time during our extensive browser testing on a 56 modem. 

For those of you who play the BlogShares game, we're are currently listed, although we're trying to figure out just how to get our web-grabber id button back. 

Any suggestions on making our blog more efficient and enjoyable are most welcome.

Oh, by the way, while going through some of our old things, Mr. Flibble found two dolls that were made a few months ago, and never shared. 

These are dedicated to the Lord of the Rings & R.A. Salvatore fans:
Body & hair templates from Clothing, skin mods by Push.


And some Fall Garland in various 'uncliched' seasonal colors:



Posted at 12:28 am
Comments (1)  

Thursday, October 14, 2004
Blinkies for friends: some new fairies for the season

Haha, wow, I'm really od'ing on graphics lately.      School is html/css and adobe, which I like well enough.    There is my multimedia instructional design class where I'm project manager/editor for the project our group is working on [I hate this class].  I'm kinda going into a pixilated coma over here.

Anywhoo, I finally got a complete update for those who requested blinkies.  Thanks to The Princess  for taking some of the heat off my back and making blinkies for some of our more impatiant friends, and thanks to all our friends who are a constant source of inspiration and support.   Mr. Flibble and I think everyone deserves a big fat Sunday with lots and lots of gooey things on top! 

Just a quick note from Mr. Flibble: If you use any of our blinkies, icons or graphics, please do not alter them, then not give us credit.  Doing so will result in being ip banned. 

Upload to your personal image host, like
**do not direct-link

Blinkies for new friends:






Robot for Logtar

Some fairies for the season [credit if used, please]:

Fall Fairie

Halloween Fairie

Upload to your personal image host, like
**do not direct-link

Coming soon:
"Tiki Love" web sets for doners
More Autumn trinkets
More fairies
More backgrounds

Posted at 07:56 pm
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